Friday, March 25, 2005

RIP Myron's

Well, to everyone from the Island who reads the blog I would like to announce that as of March 24, 2005 Myron's Restaurant and Bar is no more. Let us take a moment to remember the place we all knew and loved...

An unnamed source, we'll call him TT, was dining at said establishment at lunch on the 24th, when the Chief of Police came in, asked everyone to leave, shut it down and locked the doors.

Hard to believe that none of us will every darken Myron's doors ever again. I think I feel a tear.

So, we just wanted to let everyone know the latest. Let me know what you think.

MC and CT

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow just like that! An era has come to an end. The next generation will never know what it will be like to get absolutly hammered, stand in line for an hour, go into Myrons get more hammered, make out on the dancefloor and then mingle for awhile outside before heading to China Garden! What good times they (mostly) were. We should have a moment of silence for the "Best of Times" :(